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Puppy Updates

Opal (formerly Twilight)

Holly x Chip

Opal is the sweetest dog that loves snuggles and giving kisses! She excelled in obedience…smart and easy to train! She loves being with me…on a hike, in the kayak, or snuggling on the couch! Opal is a great dog: smart, sweet, a little shy, and very athletic! Looking forward to many more adventures with her!


Bellow (formerly Apple Jack)

Holly x Chip

Bellow is the best dog a girl could ask for! She is so crazy yet so sweet, and her licker never stops trying to give kisses every time you look at her. She is SOO athletic and incredibly biddable, we are training and competing in agility, dock diving, barn hunt, fast cat, disc and obedience! she lovesss her sports, she loves to snuggle in bed and watch movies, to go on hiking and camping trips with us, she just loves to do anything and everything as long as shes with me!

- Mariah

Billie (formerly Puff)

Ruby x Chip

Billie is the sweetest dog I've ever met! She loves her people and does a big wiggle dance whenever she sees someone she recognizes. She has lots of dog friends too, and can be a bit shy but generally makes friends very easily! Her favorite activities are going biking, swimming, Nordic skiing, and hunting for mice in the backyard like she's a cat. She's independent but still very eager to please and loyal to her people. She was easy to train, and can be trusted to listen so she can be off leash for bike rides and walks. When she gets nervous, she always runs back to her people which is such a good quality in Montana where there is lots of wildlife - if she sees something she's not sure about, she comes right back to you! As long as she gets a morning and evening walk, she's calm around the house, and loves to curl up on your feet, or when we are allowing her to be a bit cheeky, her true favorite place to be is on top of a desk that you're working on. She loves an early bedtime and lots of cuddles. We love her so much and she brings joy and laughter to our day everyday.

- Anna M.


Athena (formerly Brittany)

Holly x Chip

Athena is an affectionate and playful pup. She truly loves being outdoors and carrying the red ball around. She loves a good run around the yard. When she's not outside, you can find her with toys. She's always ready for a good "tug o war". Athena also enjoys being a lap dog when given a chance to cuddle! We love having her in our family!

- Paula O.

Nixie (formerly Princess Peach)

Cookie x Chip

She is sassy and sweet and very smart. She enjoys training and learning new things. She loves riding in the car, going on walks/ hikes, and loves her routine.

-Andrea W.


Zero (formerly Donkey Kong)


Cookie x Chip

Zero is almost a year old and is the best dog we could ask for! He’s full of energy & always ready to go on the next adventure! He’s been very easy to train and catches on unbelievably fast! He loves his herding ball and LOVES belly rubs from mom and Dad. He’s the definition of a Velcro dog (specifically to mom) but how can you not love that face following you around? He’s very energetic and loves to meet anyone and everyone and he will definitely greet you with a bunch of kisses. He has a very big personality and makes sure you know it when you see him use his moves.


Thank you Frantzick Farm for giving us the best little guy we could ever ask for!

- Jayla T.

Maggie (kept her name)

Holly x Chip

Miss Maggie is almost a year old! We had her in puppy class, but due to our traveling, we were only able to attend a few sessions. Recently, she completed the beginner dog training and did an amazing job! Though she still has to work on "polite greeting" (she LOVES people), she's got a good sit, down and wait. We continue to work on "stay" and walking loose on a leash. Her trainer and others have commented on how well-behaved she is. 

This summer we took her camping and boating. She even had a chance to swim in the lake. She's an excellent camper, but mixed reviews on the swimming! She travels well and loves to go for rides. Her favorite toys are balls and a herding ball. And she still loves the snow!! All-in-all she's been a wonderful addition to the family.

- Anna T.


Bailey (formerly Nelson)

Holly x Chip

Bailey is the sweetest, smartest, most cuddly dog we've ever had. He is super social, loves other dogs, animals, kids, and people. We wanted a hiking/camping companion and he's always up for an adventure!

He's very easy to train and already graduated from Puppy Kindergarten & Elementary School. He's currently in Middle School and will be heading to High School to take the Canine Good Citizen exam. We hope to try agility and dock diving next! He loves going to the dog beach and canoe rides. 

Thank you Frantzick Farm for giving us the best dog ever!


Winston (formerly Patrick Star)

Ruby x Chip

He's been a great companion for the last year and a half! He's incredibly friendly and loves meeting new people/dogs, although we're still working on getting him to relax his excitement! We recently started agility courses and he is top of his class; he's a natural for all things athletic!

When I walk him around my neighborhood, I actually get people stopping in their cars to compliment his coloring. I think that's why he likes people so much!

- Jon


Otis (Formerly Spike)

Holly x Chip

Otis has be a wonderful addition to our family!! He has so much personality! We just love him.


Laney (formerly Lucy)

Holly x Chip

We had a new human baby and Laney doesn't leave her side. She lays wherever she is and loves to lick babies feet.

We've had Laney for a year and absolutely love her. Such a sweet, gentle, and fun member of our family. She's a perfect fit for our family. She's currently taking classes in hopes to someday be a therapy dog at the school I work at.



Oslo (Formerly Flutter Guy)

Holly x Chip

He is amazing.  He is getting good at catching the frisbee!


Oscar (kept his name)

Cookie x Chip

Oscar enjoys camping with his family and spending most of the summer living in the camper and going on endless adventures fishing, hiking, boating, bon fires, parks and everywhere under the stars. He's such a fun, happy, outgoing, friendly, spunky, ball-loving, playful boy!

-Steve & Kristi


Arty (Formerly Fozzie Bear)

Cookie x Chip

Arty is almost 6 months old! He does really good in the bath and doesn't try to jump out. Though he gets quite messy on all our adventures!


Snickers (Formerly Jade)

Holly x Chip

Snickers is having fun at her cattle farm and she has a tremendous instinct to herd! She'll even alert me if we're short a few cows from the pasture when I think we have them all. She likes to chase her favorite cat, grab him with her front feet and gently sit on him! She loves to please and she's the smartest dog we've ever had. We just love her!



Leo (Formerly Grover)

Cookie x Chip

Leo is enjoying the beaches of California with his new family. "We are so thankful that we got our puppy from you guys. He is so sweet, smart, gentle, happy and friendly!! Thanks to you and your family to have such great dogs."

-Jan Carlos


Holly x Chip

Jasper stayed right here in Minnesota and his new family loves him so much. "He's my dream dog and such a good listener."

- Ana


Riggs (formerly Elmo)

Cookie x Chip

Riggs lives in Northern Wisconsin with his 2 kids, older dog, and cat. He is a great running buddy and always happy to be a part of any adventure.

Linus (Kept his name)

Holly x Chip

This silly, fun, and most lovable guy is adapting quickly to his new home. We just adore him!!



Mazy (formerly Abby)

Cookie x Chip

Mazy is doing great! She's turning into quite the frisbee dog!



Holly x Chip

She is the smartest loving dog, such a blessing, absolute amazing puppy. Thank you.



Karl (Formerly Snoopy)

Holly x Chip

Karl graduated from his 1st puppy class/obedience where he was the instructor's favorite and used him as a "demo" dog. We started our 1st agility lesson and he did very well and caught on so fast! He loves anything to do with frisbee or playing fetch. He is such a fun boy; we absolutely adore him!


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