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Ruby Ginger Rasmussen


Ruby is our newest addition. Ruby had a litter with our stud, Chip, in the past while she was with her previous owner. But she has now come here for another stay, this time permanently! We have heard nothing but rave reviews about her pups, so when the opportunity presented itself, it was a no-brainer. 

Ruby is seriously the SWEETEST girl ever. She's gentle, kind, happy, outgoing, and funny. She has a good amount of drive and energy. She loves to play with any kind of ball - tennis ball, chuck-it ball, kong ball, you name it - she loves it! Since she came to us later in her life, she didn't earn any performance or breed titles. However, we feel like she would have excelled in Agility with her drive, enthusiasm, and moves. Barn Hunt would most likely be up there as well. She's a helper in her daily life - I was carrying a big load of items in from the car when a gust of wind blew my pen off of my notebook I had clipped on it. When I went back outside to get my pen where it fell, it wasn't there. One look at Ruby and I noticed it in her mouth, intact, and only a little slimy! She prides herself as a top notch helper!

Ruby is a Red Tri and has one copy of DM. Her pedigree is full of champions. She's duel registered AKC/ASCA. She's 19 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds.


DOB: 10/12/2020

Sire: Crossroad Acres Ritz Cash Money

Dam: Ritz Ginger Lady

AKC & ASCA Registered

Genetically Clear except 1 copy of DM


Hips GOOD, Elbows NORMAL

Scissor Bite/Full Dentation


Red Tri

Click Here for Pedigree

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